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Artistrepreneurs (Part 3): Amy Black

Amy black Leather jacket
Name: Amy Black
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Business: Jimmy & Joe’s Pizzera / AmysVintageCloset.com

In 2006 Amy Black and her family opened Jimmy and Joe’s; an award-winning pizzeria in Chandler, Arizona. In 2012 they opened their second store in Mesa. Jimmy and Joe’s has been voted Readers’ Choice “Best Pizzeria” and “Best Slice” by several Arizona publications. I’ve had their pie. It’s the good stuff.

The Black family employs a kick-ass staff, including Amy, who began managing the Mesa location full-time after returning home to the Phoenix area. Amy had spent the last few years managing restaurants and doing it big in San Diego.

On top of helping to run the coolest pizzeria in the Phoenix area, Amy started a fashion, style and beauty blog this year called Amy’s Vintage Closet. Her content has been picked up by more established online outlets such as: NYTimes Street Style, Coco Kouture Blog Spotter, and Lucky Magazine.

On a daily basis Amy is rocking outfits that pair vintage pieces, inexpensive buys and thrift finds with modern high-fashion accessories. Lots of color, lots of texture and lots of style.

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The Artistpreneur Series: Handlin’ Biz

artistpreneur series

It’s no secret to people close to me that I have lusted towards entrepreneurship for some time.

In my mind, to work for oneself is one of the ultimate expressions of freedom. No boss. No set schedule. You get out what you put in.

I read something recently that inspired the idea for the Artistpreneur Series. The article included the best pieces of advice the founders of some of today’s biggest products and companies had ever received. I thought that was a pretty valuable piece of content. So much so that I worked it into my questioning.

So Here’s the Deal:

I’ve made some personal/business connections with some pretty remarkable people. A few of them liked me well enough to reply to a brief questionnaire about Travel, Work and Life. The initial group of features will include: artists, restauranteurs, musicians and leaders of small empires.

Some of these people work for themselves 100% of the time, some of them hold down 9-5 jobs as well as a side business. Some are sole proprietors and others command a small army. All of them are comprised of at least one part creativity, one part devotion and one part gunslinger.

Artistpreneur (Part 1) will release later this week, so stay tuned and thanks for reading.