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Curating your Digital Life


Simply put, I nerd out over new gadgets, digital tools and shiny pieces of tech news. I’m a designer so I make my living and spend an unnatural amount of time on a computer. I consider my devices extensions of my body and at the helm of these pieces of technology I am annoyingly efficient. I can type 100+ words-per-minute. I’m the type to have the Google results in front of me while everyone is still arguing like cavemen. Here’s the problem with being a hyper-productive digital nerdboy: your life can get cluttered, quickly.

My life doesn’t need clutter. I’m married and I enjoy my wife’s company. I have a two year old, who on top of being a skilled wielder of the iPad, is a shitload of fun to play with. I play hockey at least once a week. I run. I keep in touch with my out-of-town family and friends. I’m have a full-time job doing web, video and graphic design and I stay up late creating and building for myself and freelance clients. These are some of things that sum up my non-digital life.

It seems every week something new is released along with the feeling that I must integrate this new tool (assuming it does well what it sets out to do) into my life immediately. The problem is, this cannot be. This must not be, and this is not necessary. What is necessary is the pursuit of balance. I’m not advocating unplugging, as I run at a personal uptime of 99.95%, but I think we could all benefit from looking at our lives with an editorial eye. Addition by subtraction. Spend more quality, focused time in fewer places. I know this is difficult for people of my generation and especially the young ones (who are not reading this blog post), but this is what you must do.

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Extracting Creative Juice

creative juiceA fine artist I am a fan of recently tweeted the following:

Just heard stress described as when a demand for change or adaptation is upon us and we lack the creative energy needed 2 rise 2 the demand. (@MetalwingDotCom)

It got me to thinking about whether this applied to the recent stressors in my life and I concluded that the tweet was poignant. Things that cause me stress generally require a high-level of creative energy or motivation and the idea of stepping up and tackling the obstacle is daunting.

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How Top Chef Made Me Better

top chef logo
I’ve been watching Top Chef for a few years now–unfortunately I still can’t cook my wife an egg that meets her satisfaction.

For those who don’t watch–every show begins with a short preliminary challenge that has no bearing on elimination. Typically the winner of the ‘quickfire’ challenge receives immunity for the main challenge or otherwise some type of monetary prize like cash or a trip.

The host delivers the topic and the chefs have a short period of time to produce a dish based around that topic before facing judgment. The main challenge is formatted the same but whoever is chosen to have the weakest dish is asked to “pack their knives and go.”

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