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What Anthony Bourdain Taught Me About the Similarities Between Cooks and Designers

Perhaps the least unique thing about me is that I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain. His storytelling style. His personal style. The way he exposed audiences to people and cultures through food, drink, and adventure. The way he pushed himself and the team around him to go bigger, deeper, weirder.

A couple weekends ago, I read his book, Kitchen Confidential. In it, Bourdain details his personal journey through life as a chef–telling stories of the people and places he encountered.

Anthony’s path was filled with learning, struggle, and sprinkles of success. Almost immediately I started to note parallels between Tony’s experiences and personal philosophies in his chosen craft of cooking to mine in design. I took note of a few wisdom-filled passages and how I felt they applied to my industry.

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This past weekend I went home to Toledo and worked with my friend Joshua Wagy on a video shoot for a project called Smash Toledo. We shot footage for what is going to turn into an introduction/welcome video for his project, which will give viewers an inside look at the best places to eat, drink and be merry in the Glass City.

On Friday, we stopped by a few places Josh frequents, shot some amazing footage of Toledo food and spoke to some truly awesome chefs, owners and service people. This is the most fun I have had shooting for a while and I wanted to share a few stills. I had planned to write a more in-depth post about the places we went and people we spoke to, but I don’t want to spoil too much prior to the piece being finished.

Photographers and filmmakers of the world answer me this: does anyone/everyone else obsess over their images like I do? I have had dreams about cutting this stuff twice since we did the majority of the shooting on Friday. Really good times. Having willing participants and good people to work with makes all the difference.
















How Top Chef Made Me Better

top chef logo
I’ve been watching Top Chef for a few years now–unfortunately I still can’t cook my wife an egg that meets her satisfaction.

For those who don’t watch–every show begins with a short preliminary challenge that has no bearing on elimination. Typically the winner of the ‘quickfire’ challenge receives immunity for the main challenge or otherwise some type of monetary prize like cash or a trip.

The host delivers the topic and the chefs have a short period of time to produce a dish based around that topic before facing judgment. The main challenge is formatted the same but whoever is chosen to have the weakest dish is asked to “pack their knives and go.”

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Homebrew label

homebrew labelHere is my first ever homebrew label design. It was created for my good friend Tony D’Amico (Tony D!) and his Dirty Guy Brewing Company of Sylvania, OH. The recipe is called AK-47 Pale Ale. Tony bottled them in 22 ouncers.

I stopped by and got to taste a few of the beers while Tony worked on the next batch. Poured a nice mid-orange color but was a bit thin on the tongue. Tony was stepping up his malt content as well as the hops for round two in hopes of thickening up the body.

Really happy with how these came out. I suggested condensing the design a bit but Tony likes the way it wraps the bottle. Very pleased with the result and looking forward to tasting the next batch.