Cool Winter Gear – Collected

1. Supreme Flight Satin Trooper Hat – $60
2. david hart tie – $125 –
3. Homage Ohio U Crew Neck – $60
4. Club Monaco Hacking Vest – $169.50 –
5. Under Armour Tactical Winter Blackout Gloves – $44.99 –
6. Red Wing x Brooks Brothers Tartan Panel Boot – Releases Mid Oct-Nov in Select Cities
7. Cole Haan Brandon Moc – $278 –
8. Uniqlo Wool Blend Winter hat – $10.50 – Uniqlo stores
9. The North Face Purple Label Fall/Winter 2009 Harris Tweed Collection

I feel like I need to be clear that I would not pay anything approaching $100 for a tie. Some of these things I really like but would look for something similar that was less expensive.

I do plan to own the Ohio U Crew at some point (Go Bobcats!). All of these other things I thought I would collect and uncover for all of you with more disposable money to go and buy and wear on my behalf. OK, I may cop that Supreme Trapper hat, too.

I’m not a fan of bulky, movement-restricting winter coats so for me, the name of the game in the upcoming cold months is layering.

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