The Digital Armory re-design by Von Glitschka

3 January 2013.

Someone I follow on Twitter recently posted a link to a project by a designer named Von Glitschka. His project, The 5-Minute Logo runs you $5 and nets you a cool little illustrative logo, or in Von’s words “For $5 we’ll take 5ive minutes and become your short order design cook and whip you up a tasty visual morsel before you can say “Craptacular!””

I’m think this is a neat idea, although Von is a little bit of a jerk for producing what I think are pretty neat little hand-drawn logos for $5. It got me to thinking that maybe I would try to sweet talk/bribe some of my friends and cohorts with alcohol n’ snacks into  re-designing my logo as well, and turning this into an ongoing series.
von glitschka