About Me

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I’m a 30-something (sick of updating this) creative living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. So far in my career I’ve worked as a designer and a design manager in pro sports, technology distribution, marketing research and most recently, at a creative agency.


My plan for the future is to run a lifestyle business, the nature of which I am still figuring out. I’m interested in personal style, office space design, user experience, and developing company culture. I am business-minded but only as far as it relates to things I am truly interested in. I have avoided a strictly focused career path purposefully, at times moving laterally within organizations to round our skills I thought beneficial.


I consider myself a high-quality source of information on design (graphic/web), personal branding and digital marketing. My plan is to build a business that intersects one of my primary pools of expertise with several of my secondary areas of interest.


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